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Welcome to my homepage!

I will fulfill your wishes both on paper and digitally; art, ads, layout, homepages, new logo...you name it! Check out my previous work in portfolio.

I'm specialized in animals, from breeder to breeder (puppy ads, portrait of a pet, kennel-websites), but I don' t feel unconfortable from any subjects.


My latest project: Album cover, Jussi Hakulinen & Likaiset Legendat.


About myself

As long as I can remember, art has been a part of my life. As a child, I enjoyed drawing paper and coloring books, drawing almost anything from animal-themed images to cartoons, and later computer-assisted image processing came along.

I've always liked writing as well, and "essay writing" in addition the visual arts was one of my favorite at school. I graduated from high school of visual arts in 1990, but otherwise I am largely self-taught as drawing and digital art.

amstaff puppyPhoto editing to kennel Amalia's Faith. Original photos: Sune Koskela.

Animals - especially dogs - is also a big part of my life, and with my husband I've bred American Staffordshire Terriers for over 20 years, kennel Sticky Wicket's. I was the chief editor and art editor of a magazine called "Amstaffi"(www.amstaffiyhdistys.net) from 2009 to 2020, so I have over 10 years of experience in making layouts and various advertisements, as well as writing articles.

In the spring of 2021, I finally decided to turn my long-term hobby into a job, and became self employed. I can't think of anything better, than doing a job that I love! Whether you need a smaller or larger ad, brochures, layouts or even a portrait of your pet, don't hesitate to contact me.

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I'm specialized in animals (puppy ads, portrait of a pet, kennel-websites), but I don' t feel unconfortable from any subjects.

PRICE LIST for breeders or other private individuals. If you are a business customer, ask for an offer.


I make the ads you want for the web (banners and ads for websites, social media, etc.). If necessary, I also make printing-quality pdf-files (please note the sufficient quality of the photos).

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Do you want someone to make a layout for your magazine, brochures or advertisements? I do smaller and larger jobs with more than 10 years of experience. I worked in Finnish American Staffordshire Terrier association from 2009 to 2020 as their magazines chief editor and art editor.

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Website as you wish! Webdesign / homepages (designing, implement, maintenance)
For Yyteri Pet Boarding House, before making the website, I also designed a logo and a corporate look, a business card, etc. that's necessary.


I draw / paint portraits from photos. I use watercolors, pastels, pencils, charcoal, marker pens and in some cases acrylic paints ... or mixing different techniques, depending on the client’s wishes and nature of work. Mainly, I have drawn dogs, but also people and even vehicles. Everyone who knows me knows, that photography really isn’t my strongest point - I’ve always said that if I want a good picture of my dog, I’d rather take a pen than a camera to my hand :))

dog art

Other services

Photo editing: Colors, sharpness etc, deleting or adding objects, color model changing, merging images etc. Logo designs, restoration, modeling and vectorizing old logos.

Tell me your needs and we will come up with a solution!

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